As avid kite surfers, we started Limitless Kite Tours to provide fellow kite surfers with the same kind of amazing experiences we’ve enjoyed ourselves. Like many of you, active travel and adventure is an important part of our lives and we are proud to help and inspire our customers to follow a healthy, sport-filled, and adventurous lifestyle.

We bring kite surfers from around the world together, to share their passion for the sport and the ocean as part of a fun and energetic team.

All of our magnificent tours combine a pristine location with an unforgettable adventure. We also allow time for you to explore and participate in local community activities to further enhance your experience on your holiday.

Your trip will include, multiple down/up winder trips, Bay crossings or boat trips in a variety of fantastic locations.

More than just a holiday, our excursions are life-changing  adventures that take you from your normal schedule and drop you into the thrilling experience of kite surfing. Your trip with us will leave you renewed and revitalized. You’ll have a fresh appreciation of the amazing experiences available and a sense of belonging to the most inclusive water sports community in the world!

If you are a beginner or less experienced kite border, we recommend that you join one of our weekend trips with our highly qualified coaching and soon enough you’ll be ready for our week long adventures!

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