We are a passionate team of kitesurfers and experienced instructors who have travelled the world in search of the best and most exclusive kitesurf locations for you.

We enjoy being able to share our love of nature and the ocean with you and watching as the excitement and passion that we hold for kitesurfing – grows within you!

Our team longs to be in the water whenever the wind is up. Gliding across the ocean powered by the wind is an amazing experience that everyone should have in their lifetimes and our guides are always there for you.

Nothing pleases us more than when we see the same joy in the face of our customers that we see when we look into the mirror every day because we’ve got kitesurfing in our lives. Most everyone can become a technically competent kitesurfer but we look for more in our guides. We see and feel the fire burning strongly for kitesurfing within them and will gladly share this passion with you.

Gabor is a certified IKO instructor from 2009; he has an extensive background in teaching and has been an instructor in kite boarding in several European countries. He built his entire career around sports. He graduated from the Semmelweis University of Physical Education as well as from the University of Sport Science. Today, Gabor lives for kiteboarding. He travels the world all year round, and follows the wind from Asia to Africa. He also calls Italy his second home.

Kris fell in love with kiteboarding in Australia in the early 2015s and soon, she became addicted to sports. She never settles in one location for kite spoting. Therefore, she travels the world seeking for new locations. Her favourite part about kiteboarding is the kite community; the sport brought true friends to her life. They travel the world together and they never stop pushing each other to the next level. Kris is an IKO certified instructor who achieved second place in the NSW Kiteboarding Female Freestyle State Title in 2017. During her free time, she does charity work as the Vice President of a non-profit organisation called ‘Aquachicks’ (www.aquachicks.com.au ). She helps by encouraging women to get into the sport.

Lilla started kitesurfing in 2012. She had a natural talent for the sport. Although she used to study international economics at the university, she could never imagine herself sitting behind a desk 40 hours a week. She decided to travel the world and master her kiteboarding skills instead. She fell in love with the flat waters, warm climate and charming culture of the Mediterranean Sicily and started teaching kitesurfing there in 2015. Lilla spends 6 months of the year on the beautiful European island sharing her passion for the sport with beginners and advanced kite boarders.

Alessandro initially started his sports career as a windsurfer. Under the guidance of his father, Alessandro spent his childhood around professional windsurf competitions. Despite of his preference to chase the wind, he managed to graduate from the University of Calabria in Tourism, which opened his desire to see the world. He tried kitesurfing for the first time in 2004 and he immediately got hooked to, at the time, emerging sport. Just a few years later he attended his first ITC course and realized that combining his degree in tourism and passion for kiteboarding, could be a sharp tool to travel the world. Thanks to his natural skills to get along with people, Alessandro built a strong network of friends in most well-known and most beautiful kitesurfing locations of the world. He built a remarkable knowledge in kitesurfing and coaching techniques. What started as a simple work experience away from home, quickly transitioned to a way of living and into a proper career in kitesurfing. Nowadays he mostly runs advanced clinics from intermediate to advanced kiters either during summer or in some winter escape trips.

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